Public Financial Management

At the heart of A & E Law Partnership`s areas of specialization is its work on Public Financial Management, (PFM). Our PFM team has over the years provided and still provides qualitative (PFM) Law advisory services. Our work experience includes supporting institutional and individual capacity building for the sector regulators and many government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. The team also works in the areas of drafting legislation, supporting development of generic PFM laws, including Fiscal Responsibility, Public Procurement, and Audit Reform bills. We have at different times developed regulatory tools like procurement regulations, financial instructions, and standard bidding documents for many sub-national governments in Nigeria. We have also conducted evaluation of system effectiveness for governments and in support of citizens’ actors, as well as supporting specific procurement activities by clients.

Our PFM team has at various times developed several regulatory tools including; suite of standard bidding documents, procurement regulations, financial instructions and guidance notes for preparation of terms of reference for governments at various levels. The team has experience evaluating performance of donors` support to public finance reforms including procurement reforms in various States in Nigeria. Our personnel have also conducted missions to some sub-national governments to evaluate the state procurement reform efforts on behalf of partner development agencies. We have undertaken detailed diagnostic studies of public finance laws of States, drafted, and sometimes revised generic public finance laws and bills, many of which have been passed into laws. At other times our personnel have supported private organizations in understanding and complying with PFM legal regimes.

Our highly experienced personnel have provided advisory services in support of public finance reforms at the federal level of government and also in at least 20 states of Nigeria and Federal Capital Territory Administration, supporting related research, advocacy, drafting, revision, legislative consideration of Bills, passage into laws, and in some cases implementation of public finance laws at the federal level and in these states. Our experience in providing advisory support to improvements in public procurement has included capacity assessments leading to developing strategy for implementing procurement reforms, Strategies for professionalization of procurement practice in States, standard transaction documents, procurement regulations, and structuring of organizational structure for implementing various procurement laws in several states, developing training modules, manuals and related capacity improvement tools and supporting extensive training of public officials at all levels of government in Nigeria on public procurement law and practice. We are without doubt the foremost procurement law firm in Nigeria.